There is an old Hindu proverb that says: "The longest walk begins with a single step".

In Altube we made that first step 25 years ago, with a clear purpose: to achieve red partridge reproduction that maintained a genetic line and bold character similar to the wild species. Not an easy task if you take into account that, in those days, knowledge of the field was non-existent and the results of first known attempts were discouraging.

We soon understood that in order to take this project forward it was essential to create what is now known as the R&D (research and development) department and, taking Petra Kelly's words: "Everybody wants to go back to nature, they just don't want to go on foot" to heart, we applied our then scarce technological knowledge, from the production of other birds, to our first breeding centre.

Continuous experimentation and renewal of the production systems for our partridges, some with pleasing results and others not so pleasing, marked our progress along the path towards our objective: a strong Profile, faithful to the phenotype and genotype of our irreplaceable red partridge. Quite a challenge, involving the effort and dedication of our professional team, together with a resolute business investment.

These years have seen a continuous evolution in the improvement of our partridges and the essential products for their maintenance and restocking, to which the major organisations that carry out hunt beating, game reserve associations and owners (for restocking) have responded by placing their trust in us every year.

On the occasion of this 25th anniversary, we organised the 1st Altube Hunting and Game Conference, where professionals, elite hunters and specialist journalists from a range of communication media verified "in situ" the quality associated with so many years of work. An energetic character, strong flight and natural courage are just some of the qualities that define our partridges. These are more than enough reasons to justify our use of the maxim: "From wild grandmothers, wild grandchildren"..